Real estate pre-licensing courses for Florida

To obtain a real estate license in Florida, you need to complete a state-approved pre-licensing course. There are various education providers offering pre-licensing courses for aspiring real estate agents in Florida. Here are some options:

  1. Florida Real Estate School: Florida Real Estate School offers both classroom and online pre-licensing courses. They have a long-standing reputation for providing real estate education in the state.

  2. Gold Coast Schools: Gold Coast Schools is one of the most recognized names in real estate education in Florida. They offer pre-licensing courses in various formats, including classroom, live streaming, and online.

  3. Bob Hogue School of Real Estate: Bob Hogue School of Real Estate offers pre-licensing courses for sales associates and brokers, available in classroom, live streaming, and online formats.

  4. Bert Rodgers School of Real Estate: Bert Rodgers School of Real Estate provides online and classroom pre-licensing courses. They are known for their comprehensive real estate education programs.

  5. Larson Educational Services: Larson Educational Services offers pre-licensing courses for aspiring real estate agents in Florida. You can choose between classroom and online options.

  6. Miami Dade College: Miami Dade College offers in-person real estate courses, including pre-licensing education, for those who prefer a classroom setting.

  7. Rowlett Real Estate School: Rowlett Real Estate School provides pre-licensing courses for both sales associates and brokers. You can take their courses in a classroom or online.

  8. Real Estate Express: Real Estate Express is an online real estate education provider offering pre-licensing courses specifically designed for Florida real estate licensure.

  9. The CE Shop: The CE Shop offers online pre-licensing courses for prospective real estate agents in Florida. Their courses are convenient and allow you to study at your own pace.

When selecting a pre-licensing course provider, it's essential to ensure that the course is approved by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR). Additionally, consider factors such as course format, cost, student reviews, and any additional resources or support provided to help you prepare for the Florida real estate licensing exam.

You can find contact information and registration details on the respective websites of these education providers. Be sure to verify the latest information and requirements before enrolling in a course.

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